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Voice Versa is a powerful collection of more than 200 poems by Martin A. David, ranging from 1959 to 2019. The topics cover a wide scope of human experiences, emotions, and observations. 

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Martin A. David’s life has been richly-lived and brightly colored by odysseys foreign and domestic. His adventures could fill several lifetimes. The octogenarian New York native has lived through and been present for some of the 20th Century's world-altering socio-political events and upheavals. A witness to the chaotic aftermath of World War II, through the McCarthy Era, to the Beat Poets, to the March on Washington in 1963, David's passionate convictions led him to wrestle life with both hands, but always with his inimitable joie de vivre. A self-described "wanderer," David excelled in the world of letters, in writings that displayed remarkable range and depth of form, from essays, to columns, books, and of course, poetry—the language of the soul. 

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Writer and TV interviewer Dave Mulligan chats with Martin A. David

Reader reviews

A Lifetime of Poetry & Poems for a Lifetime


Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Martin A. David is a poet of unusual wit, insight, and sensitivity. He takes the reader on a unique journey through the major and minor arcana of life: work, writing, childhood, storms, death, dreams, war, romance, and so much more. Along the way he encourages us to live the questions and to undress our lives so we can live them. A work of courage, patience, and thoughtfulness. 

Deeply Moving


Norma Evans

These poems resonate because they speak to the feelings and experiences we know. More than that, Martin has added the afterthoughts we have, those questions and comments we so rarely speak out loud. They are human, relevant and passionate, an extraordinary combination. This is a beautiful collection. 

A Poet of the World


Michael D. Croft

The drumbeat of High Wisdom is firmly on display in these poems. David is a seeker, a seer, and a traveler of the streets that most of us know nothing about.

Beat Generation poet...


Nastassja N.


The Beat Generation inspired many to listen to the overlooked places within themselves, to fearlessly venture into the worlds around us, the worlds outside, within, the psyche, the collective consciousness and the beyond. This book of poems is a lifetime of those journeys, a poet that lived many lives in one life. Reading them, you experience shifts within yourself that inspire living life with the intensity inherent in each moment, to emerge from the cave naked and raw and above all feeling everything. 

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