Plays and Monologues with a Twist

cover image of book Plays and Monologues with a Twist

This book belongs on your Theater Bookshelf

Short plays and monologues that are off the beaten track and ready to  produce. All the works in this volume have been produced, and  performance tested. 

  • THE REHEARSAL -- A play without an end. You can play it twice through as it is written or continue for hours as a theatrical installation. That's what was done at the San Francisco Theater Festival.
  • MINERVA AND MELROSE -- Oh it's one of "those" relationships. Melrose is locked in the bathroom and Minerva feeds him through the door ... until she really really needs him.
  • BROTHER -- A monologue in a concentration camp. Can you help someone by having them killed?
  • HONEY -- Can you really practice being married? This monologue seems to think so.
  • Another monologue and two more short plays complete the mix.