Karpstein was Hiding

The book and its author

Karpstein lives in the rooms of his own mind. The walls are flexible, and the boundaries between the living and the dead, the present and the past are ephemeral. In the past there was the holocaust. Karpstein survived it even though he was not there. The guilt of his survival haunts him. In the present there is a warehouse crowded with living memories. Can Karpstein survive that?

"There is poetry in Karpstein Was Hiding. The words wrap around every image and description like colorful pieces of silk. "

WestSide Life Magazine 

"…many people…live to a certain extent in a kind of lonely exile out of cowardice, or despair, or disappointment ...  a brilliant job of capturing that sense, driving it to an extreme, and making it vivid.... an extremely powerful book. ...  "

David Palmer, former VP and Editor-in-Chief, Readers Digest General Books 

"Karpstein Was Hiding is a beautiful river of language that sometimes seems like a long poem. It has been created with a craftsmanship that one seldom sees in modern writing. Once you have read it, you will give Karpstein a hiding place inside your own mind."
Rabbi Menachem Cohen on

The Author

Martin A. David is a writer who has published Shtetl In My Mind (short stories), The Dancer’s Audition Book (non-fiction), seven book-length translations of classical Scandinavian authors, and more than one thousand newspaper and magazine articles, columns, and essays.

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A mythical journey

 Karpstein Was Hiding is a great, dark, mythical journey. The pain of a  people is written across the soul of one man. It is a haunting fusion of  modern Magic Realism and the detailed story telling of ancient Jewish  Mysticism.