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About Two Families

When violence, political upheaval, and the ever-darkening shadow of an impending war drove them out of Europe, two families, like so many before them, set sail for the “golden land” of America.

Their paths to America were as different as can be imagined. One family landed in the western wilderness of Texas. The America they met, and learned to love, included fires, floods, and the great dust bowl.

The other family took the path known to millions of others and headed for New York. Their saga included the rising labor movement and the Spanish Civil War.

About Two Families is the story of the adventures that brought them together.


This poetic novel follows a member of the generation that suffered the impact of the holocaust even though they never left the safety of their homelands. Their lives were deeply impacted by the horror stories they heard and read and marked with survivor guilt for the tragic deaths of people they never met.


VOICE VERSA: A Lifetime of Poetry

Voice Versa is a powerful collection of more than 200 poems by Martin A. David, ranging from 1959 to 2019. The topics cover a wide scope of human experiences, emotions, and observations.

A SHORT JOURNEY: An Abstract Exploration

You are the eyes and ears of this journey. You are the travel companion. You are the witness. This journey is for you.

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Plays and Monologues With a Twist

Short plays and monologues that are off the beaten track and ready to produce. All the works in this volume have been produced and performance-tested.

  • THE REHEARSAL—A play without an end. You can play it twice through as it is written or continue for hours as a theatrical installation. That’s what was done at the San Francisco Theater Festival.
  • MINERVA AND MELROSE—Oh it’s one of “those” relationships. Melrose is locked in the bathroom and Minerva feeds him through the door… until she really needs him.
  • BROTHER—A monologue in a concentration camp. Can you help someone by having them killed?
  • HONEY—Can you really practice being married? This monologue seems to think so.
  • Another monologue and two more short plays complete the mix.

Shtetl in My Mind

A shtetl is a shtetl, but what, exactly, is a shtetl? A shtetl is a place to live. A shtetl is a state of mind. A shtetl is a memory. It is a memory of something that once existed and still exists. It is something that was ripped out and trampled, but like the horseradish plant—recognized by generations of Jews as the symbolic “bitter herb of affliction”—it never died; began to grow again from a shred of its torn-up roots. The word itself translates as “A small town.”


Wisdom of the Stranger

This is an inspirational book that offers its spiritual and practical insights in the form of poetic and entertaining stories.

He was a tall man. His skin was between brown and copper in color and very smooth. In fact, it was too smooth for his eyes. Those eyes. The eyes were set deep in a nest of wrinkles, but they were not hidden there. Those eyes. They could never be hidden. They demanded attention. They dominated his face. They dominated the room. He was The Stranger…

Reb Mordecai's Thoughts: Gentle Words To Guide You Forward

“If you don’t expect your chickens to give milk and your cow to lay eggs, you will be a much happier person.

What is one of the greatest destroyers of happiness and peace of mind? In my long experience, I would say it is disappointing expectations.