Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Actor


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There are hundreds of books on the methods, styles, theories of acting…and this book is one of them. This is a book for all actors—beginning actors, working actors, and actors returning to the field after an absence. This book is not meant to create actors where none exist. If you have the desire to work on your craft and improve your technique, then this book is for you. 

The Ten Tips could be called, “Ten things to think about while working on your art.” They are gathered and distilled from thoughts and subjects I have found important while working on my own craft—and that I have shared with my students over a number of decades.

You can read this information once and put the book away. If that helps you grow, I am happy. However, you can also keep the information handy and refer to it at some of the crossroads in your career. In any case, I hope that career is as long, varied, and enjoyable as mine.

About this Book

"Respected acting teacher, coach, and actor, Martin A. David, has created  a concise guide that all actors, from beginner to professional, should  read at least once a week. His short essays offer valuable thoughts for  all artists and especially for actors. He writes from the heart."