Writing about Writing

The subject of writing seems like a sure bet on a site about books. We’ll get into the topics of how and what to write, but you can find endless columns, essays, and books on writing techniques or material for writers. This blog may touch on that area, but what we think is much more…

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About The Author – Mardav


Martin A. David is the very definition of the overused, but seldom-earned moniker “Renaissance Man.” His has been a life richly lived and brightly colored by odysseys foreign and domestic, and adventures that could fill several lifetimes. The octogenarian New York native has lived through and been present for some of the 20th Century’s world-altering…

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Are you really doing Nothing?


Being a writer is a full-time position. Are you still a writer when you are not, at that moment, writing? The answer is a resounding YES. An artist is always working. The process of being a writer or any other artist continues around the clock. The artist interacts with the world around her or him.…

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Block Destruction is Part of your Art


One of the problems with writers’ block is that the very name sounds like some kind of disease. Diseases are scary and they need cures. Wait. Let’s go back for a moment. If you were paying attention, you may have noticed that I used the plural possessive form writers’ instead of the singular form writer’s.…

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Books in the Time of Plague


Publishers publish books. If you have a sales record in the hundred thousands they are out there with you publicizing, promoting, selling, and distributing books. If you are most of the rest of us authors, publishers publish books–the rest is up to you. Most of us, perhaps more than 90% of us, have to write…

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