Writing about Writing

The subject of writing seems like a sure bet on a site about books. We’ll get into the topics of how and what to write, but you can find endless columns, essays, and books on writing techniques or material for writers. This blog may touch on that area, but what we think is much more valuable is encouragement. If you want to write, you won’t have any difficulty in finding Discouragement. Writers (and artists in general,) particularly those at the beginning of their journeys, have ample blocks, barriers, obstacles, barricades, and obstructions thrown in their paths. Relatives say, “Don’t do that because you’ll starve”. Teachers say, “No, you’re not the one”. Neighbors tell you, “Ummm, that’s not very good.” The worst of all is the whining critic who lives inside of each of us. That self-critic breathes foul fumes and challenges every effort. If you hear all those voices and you stop doing your art, they may have done you a favor and saved you a lot of pain. However, if you can’t hear them; if their words are meaningless to you, then you MUST continue. You are on your true road and you have no choice. Yes, there will be painful moments and there will be struggle. There will even be self-doubt, but in the end you will know the satisfaction of having fulfilled your chosen mission. When the naysayers challenge your calling, smile politely and continue working. When the inner critic comes to sit on your shoulder, hand them a quarter and tell them to go get a beer and leave you alone…..and continue working.

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